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Related papers

  • nCTEQ15 -- Global analysis of nuclear parton distributions with uncertainties in the CTEQ framework
    K. Kovarik, A. Kusina, T. Jezo, D. Clark, C. Keppel, J. Morfin, F. Olness, J.F. Owens, I. Schienbein, J. Y. Yu
    arXiv:1509.00792 [hep-ph].
  • Nuclear corrections in neutrino-nucleus DIS and their compatibility with global NPDF analyses
    K. Kovarik, I. Schienbein, F. Olness, J.Y. Yu, C. Keppel, J.G. Morfin, J.F. Owens, T. Stavreva
    Phys.Rev.Lett.106:122301,2011, arXiv:1012.0286 [hep-ph].
  • Probing gluon and heavy-quark nuclear PDFs with gamma + Q production in pA collisions.
    T.Stavreva, I. Schienbein, F.Arleo, K. Kovarik, F. Olness, J.Y. Yu, J.F. Owens,
    JHEP 1101 (2011) 152, arXiv:1012.1178 [hep-ph].
  • PDF Nuclear Corrections for Charged and Neutral Current Processes
    I. Schienbein, J.Y. Yu, K. Kovarik, C. Keppel, J.G. Morfin, F. Olness, J.F. Owens,
    Phys.Rev.D80:094004,2009, arXiv:0907.2357 [hep-ph].


  • PDFs for nuclear targets
    K. Kovarik
    talk at the 18th International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects (DIS), 19 Apr - 23 Apr 2010