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nCTEQ project is an extension of the CTEQ collaborative effort to determine nuclear parton distribution functions (nPDFs). It generalizes the free-proton PDF framework to the nuclear case by computing the densities of a proton bound inside a nucleus. Hence nCTEQ, which stands for "nuclear CTEQ."
  • nCTEQ15 nuclear PDFs:

    Available Grids:

    • nCTEQ15:
      • The original release sent with nuclear uncertainties.
        Includes neutral current DIS, Drell-Yan, and RHIC pion production data
    • nCTEQ15HIX:
      • High x & Low Q2 analysis including JLab DIS data (CLAS & Hall C)
    • nCTEQ15WZ:
      • Extends nCTEQ15 including LHC heavy ion (pPb) data
    • nCTEQ15WZ+SIH:
      • Extends nCTEQ15WZ including Semi Inclusive Hadron (SIH) production data from RHIC (PHENIX & STAR) and LHC (ALICE)
    • nCTEQ15HQ:
      • Extends nCTEQ15WZ including heavy quark and quarkonium production data from LHC

    • doQcdCase Bash Script: Some older grids had a typo in the .info file: "OrderQcd" should be "OrderQCD" The zip files have been updated, but this bash script will fix older files.

    ManeParse Mathematica Software

    • ManeParse: Read PDF and Structure Function tables in LHAPDF format

    nCTEQ PDFs

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