nCTEQ is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

ManeParse: A Mathematica Interface to the PDFs

ManeParse is a modular Mathematica package that provides access to PDFs for hadronic calculations. It allows for parsing of .pds and LHAPDF6 files and estimates PDF errors for Hessian and MC releases.

ManeParse version 2.0, Mathematica package:

Download the ManeParse tarball here: (2.6Mb, Version May 2016) ManeParse_2.0.tgz

ManeParse version 1.0, Mathematica package:

Download the ManeParse tarball here: (Version February 2016) ManeParse_1.0.tgz

OLDER Fortran and Mathematica codes:

  • nCTEQ-code.tar.gz (16kB):
    Fortran program to read the PDF grids compatible with CTEQ6-CTEQ6.6 Fortran code.
  • nCTEQ-code-grids.tar.gz (26.7MB):
    Fortran program with a collection of all PDF grids available for a separate download below.
  • nCTEQ-mma-demo.tar.gz (3.2MB):
    A Mathematica program that reads the PDS grid files to plot and compute the PDFs.
  • nCTEQ-VFNSNF-demo.tar.gz (x.xMB):
    A set of matched VFNS(NF) PDFs (demonstration version)
  • DEMO.tgz (5.1MB):
    Mathematica demo file to read LHAPDF Version 6 dat files [Preliminary]
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